Now we’re in the tropics! Episode #4

Day #15

Josh… the star of the day!
Our sexy stinger suits

Today was a great day as we did a “Three Island Tour” through the Whitsundays. First Stop was Daydream Island, which was amazing as we saw sharks and rays being fed and got to hand feed wild mullet (which are quite big) at “Lovers Cove”. Our Tour guide Josh was awesome. Our girls loved him and kept asking question after question. Our group only had 11 in it so Josh had a great time himself. He mentioned the day before us he had 30 Japanese tourists who hardly spoke any English!! He was very informative and mentioned that Daydream island had just changed hands and is being redeveloped. We then went to Hamilton Island for lunch and saw some impressive boats and a building that looked like a manta ray… then off to Whitehaven Beach. Whitehaven Beach is from the Qantas ad and was as beautiful as it looks. We had to wear stinger suits, which as you can see are very sexy outfits to be sure. By the way Josh enjoyed having us so much he gave each of the girls a turtle toy which you could of bought for $12.99, but gave them to us for free and a stubby holder! Nice

Day #16

Was mostly a driving day, but since it was the day before Felicity’s birthday we went out to breakfast at the Fat Frog, which was beachfront in Airlie Beach. Then we drove to Jourama Falls campsite and settled in for the night.

Day #17

Wallaman Falls
Cattle not bothering to move for us…

Felicity’s actual birthday….so we opened some gifts in the van, then the girls had set up a treasure hunt for her to do. They had finger-stitched bracelets which she needed to collect around the park. We drove to Wallaman Falls, which meant leaving the van behind, driving into Ingham, dodging cattle for 20km that sat on the road then finally… kind of… seeing Wallaman. You see it was foggy but we could see it Ok. We abandoned the idea of walking down to the bottom of this 285m monster waterfall because of the rain but took a short walk and when we returned the falls were clear of the cloud! We were stoked to say the least. For lunch we had a meal at the actual “Pub with no beer”. Going back to our camp we had a snorkel in the pond which had fish and turtles in it… but the water was super cold.

Day #18

On our way to Mission beach we stopped into a place called Tully. We visited and walked to the top of the giant gumboot. The height of the boot was the most average rainfall the town received in 1950…7.8m of rainfall…which is still the highest today. We drove through several cassowary conservation parks which meant we needed to drive at 80km. We were really keen to see one…but to no avail. So much so we thought they were actually a mythical creature!!! The only one we saw was when one actually walked pass our caravan in the caravan park!!  A quick(ish) drive to Mission Beach resulted in the afternoon spent watching our three girls swim and slide in the pool while we had a few drinks and truly relaxed. Our girls don’t seem to get cold so they were in the pool for hours.

Day #19

Our home at Mission Beach

A full day of relaxing ensued today. We were either at the pool or swimming in the “stinger net” which protects you from the Box Jellyfish. Matt tried his luck fishing but was frustrated as he could see barramundi under and around the nets but they wouldn’t touch his bait. Some little fish did though. That night we sat on the beach and fished hoping for something bigger. Matt only had two baits that he kept from the earlier fish so we went home empty handed.

Day #20

We went to the Mission Beach markets this morning. Felicity bought some pants that are super cool (as in cold… and cool too I guess) and we got some tiny “sugar bananas” which tasted awesome. We had a coffee in Mission Beach and the girls loved the fresh squeezed juice. Emma had a tropical surprise, lulu an apple juice and Naomi loved her carrot, apple and ginger one!! The arvo consisted of more swimming and sliding in the pool. Dinner we bought some fish and chips and ate them by the ocean….was great having no mozzies bothering us to!

Day #21

the bucket falls on the whole family

Was the day we would meet Nanny and Grandpa Riggs… but before that we had to drive. As we drove into our park the massive water park (that is part of the park) stood out and all three of our daughters went crazy (I think our ears are still ringing). Hugs and kisses for all before we set up and hit the park. All from the youngest to the oldest hit the park.

Day #22

We drove (with Nanny & Grandpa) to the Daintree Rainforest, crossed the ferry and went to the Discovery Centre. From there we got to walk on an elevated platform with self-guiding telephones. It was very informative and the telephones had a Children’s guide too, which was great. Naomi spotted a Cassowary, which was great, and we tried very hard to spot the Ulysses Butterfly, and did many times with their iridescent fluro blue wings. From there we went on the “Solar Whisperer” which was a boat that was only powered by solar making it super quiet. IMG_3962We saw 4 crocodiles and many different species of Kingfisher and even a green tree frog. The cruise lasted and hour so we left to come back to the caravan park at 4:50pm. We had only been driving for about 10 minutes when we came to a complete stop. People ahead of us had turned their engines off so it didn’t look like we were going anywhere fast….and that’s exactly what happened! A crash between two cars had occurred about 10 mins before we arrived. We were stopped for 1 hour before the police finally let each way slowly through the accident sight.

Day #23

George the groper

Was charter day for Matt while the rest spent more quality time sliding around in the water park. The charter was pretty good but while others were catching tealeaf trevally Matt got 4 Bludger trevally… fight good but not edible. We searched the reef for “red” fish and only got one legal amongst 8 of us which was frustrating… but that’s fishing. The whole family met Matt as the boat was docked and then we went to see George (the 300kg groper) get fed while John & Jill shouted us a bucket of prawns. At this place they had mub crabs in an aquarium. A person who works there took one out to show the girls. Its claws were tied up of course! Matt would love to eat one of these one day….he asked how much…$90 a kg was the market price….so as a matter of fact he was holding a $90 crab! Sorry Matt no mud crab for you!

Day #24

Was a short drive to Ellis Beach where we will be for two weeks. We have a view of the beach through palm trees and of the Island (Double Island) in between… bliss!

Patting the Mullet
Lunch on Hamilton Island
Naomi with a Dart
Can you see two clown fish?
On the ferry
Our ferry dropping us onto Whitehaven
Bludger Trevally…
Looking for “George” the groper
The mud crab daddy will never get to eat!
At the top of the rainforest tower

DSCF1493 DSCF1501 DSCF1502 DSCF1508 DSCF1541 DSCF1542 DSCF1591 DSCF1570 DSCF1552 DSCF1548 DSCF1596 DSCF1597 DSCF1609 DSCF1604  IMG_3778 DSCF1714 DSCF1677 DSCF1664 DSCF1656 IMG_3807 IMG_3818 IMG_3849 IMG_3845 IMG_3844 IMG_3839 IMG_3860 IMG_3883 IMG_3887 IMG_3909 IMG_3904 IMG_3911 IMG_3929 IMG_3969 IMG_4019 IMG_4010 IMG_3990 IMG_3974 IMG_4052 IMG_4061

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