A week at Byron Bay (week 1)… Blog 9

IMG_0827Day #61

Lucy and the lighthouse

We woke up to beautiful Byron Day. We enjoyed having a sleep in while Papa got the girls breakfast down stairs. Here in Byron we are staying at a place with an upstairs and downstairs area. We are all upstairs and Jude and Grey are downstairs, which means the girls head downstairs for Brekky. Thanks Grey!!! (Nanny stays in Bed gettings m’ms…muffins and marmalade!) Having breakfast on the balcony and watching the world go by was a lovely way to start the day. We walked down to the foreshore and had our coffee watching the surfers. There were lots of them that’s for sure. We walked back on the beach and the girls collected some shells. After lunch we headed for a walk to the Cape Byron Lighthouse. It is quite a long walk with lots of steps to the lighthouse so only Jude, Flic, Naomi and Emma walked both ways. It took about 45mins to get to the top where we met Grey, Matt and Lucy who drove up. It costs $7 to park for an hour, so we paid that and enjoyed a coffee over looking the beautiful coast. Grey joined us on the walk back, while Matt and Lucy drove home. Took a photo of the girls at the most easterly point of Australia. Apparently lots of whales are seen off this point, but we didn’t see any, except we did see lots of dolphins. The girls and Papa took a longer to get back due to the fact that the girls enjoyed doing all the exercises at the exercise stations on the walk.

Day #62

Off for our daily walk to get coffee and to watch the surfers! It was a little chilly and the waves were not huge, but still plenty of people out surfing what they could. We headed to the beach before lunch. It is so easy to get to the beach from our place, you head across the road to beach access path and your there. The girls went swimming….(to cold for us adults, we chose to take our seats and watch from the comfort of those). Flic tried her hand at metal detecting, but no treasures were found. Pete Tanner who is Jude’s cousin lives here in Byron. He joined us for lunch on the balcony. In the afternoon, the girls enjoyed preparing for their dance concert for the night. Pete and Julia were coming back to join us for tea so the concert was happening before dinner. The girls asked us all what our favourite song was so that they could do a dance to it. It was a great concert that’s for sure.

Flic & Naomi

Day #63

After a few days of resting, Matt was feeling better. He was still a bit sore so when we hit Wet n Wild today he definitely took it easy. I think he only did one slide, the speed racer. And he only did that against Grey, Naomi and flic just to show us that he was still the fastest!!! Finished on top and that was enough! It was a drizzly day and (not peak season) so there were not many people there at all. One of the lifeguards actually said that when he arrived at work there were more cars in the staff car park than the actual car park. Naomi did all the slides she was allowed too do. She is definitely and water baby. She took them all in her stride, none were too fast. It was great having Grey there because he did the fast slides with Naomi!! The only slide Naomi couldn’t do was the aqua loop because she was not heavy enough. Grey and Flic did the Aqua loop though. Before we arrived at Wet n Wild Flic said she was not going to do the Aqua loop…..but she conquered her fear and did it! Just once, that was enough. Her face said it all. Nothing like being put in a coffin like compartment, being counted down 3, 2, 1, the floor your standing on comes away, then you find yourself free falling down a tube at a ridiculous speed, doing an inverted loop and then finally coming to an end in a white wash of water.

The wave pool was a hit with the girls too. The other part of Wet n Wild that was enjoyable was the whirlpool springs – spa baths!! Probably not enough time spent in these but that’s ok!! Jude actually did a slide too. Mammoth falls is what she did. After watching Grey, Flic and Naomi enjoy this slide (a giant inflatable tube which fits 4) slowly coming down the slide, Jude joined us for the next slide. She asked if she would get wet, we said not much as we didn’t really get wet. She chose not to put her bathers back on, so just wore her t-shirt and shorts. Well its amazing what having 1 more person in the inflatable tube does to the ride. We were going up high on the sides of the slide, water was coming in every where over the tube, Jude was screaming, Naomi was in hysterics laughing at Nanny getting wet. By the end of the ride Jude was the wettest out of all of us. Classic.

Day #64

Today was a very relaxed one. The girls drove to Ballina so that some new sneakers could be brought for the girls. Lucy was stoked as her new ones had laces so now she gets to learn how to tie them. When we arrived home Naomi, Jude and Emma walked to the lighthouse and back. Lucy and Felicity walked to the supermarket to get some food for dinner. Matt and Grey enjoyed a very lazy day.

Kids charge around at Byron

Day #65

Grey was off early today to the Airport as he was picking up Tyson, Talitha, Max and Banjo (Matt’s brother and family). They were joining us here in Byron for 4 days. The girls were super excited to see them. After lunch we headed straight to the beach where the girls swam, made drip castles and built a swimming pool in the shallows.

Day #66

SEAWORLD….We all headed there with much excitement from the kiddies and the big kids too. Flic was our tour guide and made sure we didn’t miss a show. The dolphin show was first up! Most of us had seen this before and once again we were not disappointed at all. The girl’s faces lit up as they saw dolphins leap out of the water, trainers being lifted up and loved that the dolphins waved at them with their fins.

Photo Credit to Tyson.
Photo Credit to Tyson.
Priceless expressions on these faces!
Priceless expressions on these faces!

One of the dolphin trainers had been there for 18 years, spending each day with these dolphins. The good old log ride was a hit with the kids and oldies along with the storm which we all had a go on and maybe two or three more times!! Seal show was entertaining along with the Jet Ski Stunt show! We actually ran out of time today. There really was so much to see and do. We missed having our photo taken with “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” much to Matt’s disappointment!! So we will be heading back here next week (on the same pass we have had).

Day #67

This morning it was great catching up with our friend James Williams. He used to live in the Hills and went to Aldgate Baptist church with the Bairds growing up and went away with them on many trips. He now is married and lives in Ipswich where he is a Fireman with MFS. He had just finished night duty and drove to see us in Byron. It was a quiet night for him, so he did manage to get some rest! After coffee and cake on the balcony, James got out his fireman outfit and the girls, Max and Banjo all took turns being a fireman. Helmet, pants, boots, jacket and gloves all were worn. After all the kids had a turn we went down to the beach before lunch.

Emma decked out to fight a fire
Emma decked out to fight a fire

Another beautiful day at Byron Bay, lots of surfers, swimmers and walkers were out on the beach. Our kids loved being in the water. Even Talitha got in today! She said it was warm in the water once you got used to it!! Pizza for lunch, followed by some Jet Pack making from the girls for Max out of all the cardboard cereal boxes and any other cardboard that was lying around.

Day #68

This morning we headed off to Eastgate Church in Byron Bay. They just happened to be having a kid’s service, which was great. The morning was all about fossils, dinosaurs and Noah’s flood! The girls really enjoyed it especially when they were talking about the Ice age they gave everyone in the congregation an Ice cream. And just not any ice cream but Cornetto’s!!!

For lunch we headed to Pete and Julia’s place in Suffolk Park (which is just a 10min drive from Byron Bay). He had cooked us a wonderful meal to which Naomi called it a “Buffet”! The apple and passion fruit pie was awesome…it was just a pity he didn’t make two!. After our lunch had settled and the coffee was brewing the table tennis table came out in the carport and what fun we had playing each other in doubles.

waiting on the dolphin show
Naomi with a dolphin
Battle ships… a good way to get wet.
Storm shot… yes thats Ty at the back with his hands up.
Tyson accompanying Naomi in the skywalk at SeaWorld
Talitha helping Emma in the skywalk
Matt, Ty & Jimmy
Felicity’s fave water slide… nice and slow!
watching the dolphins… Naomi’s face is priceless!
Talitha “Yarn Bombing” with the kids… breaking the law is a slippery slope, first up is yarn bombing, then a Meth lab!
Talitha’s Yarn Bombing crew
Worn out after SeaWorld
Banjo & Lucy at the Stingray touch pool

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